Unistrut Construction works with general and prime sub-contractors on complex projects demanding the most progressive construction approach and methods.  The commercial construction market is where Unistrut Construction started and where we apply our core competency of in-house design expertise, fabrication, and installation to solve project needs.

We have worked on some of the most challenging commercial projects across North America.  Acting as a sub-contractor in airports, train stations, casinos, hotels, industrial chemical and refining facilities and for some of the most discerning retail clients where every detail counts.  Often we will manage multiple sub trades under our scope coordinating efforts and schedules while adding real value through design to build planning and applying a logical approach in the field.

The typical Unistrut Construction application utilizes our core product; the Unistrut Metal Framing system. This quality metal framing support system is universally known and accepted as the industry standard in electrical, mechanical and construction industries. Unistrut Construction extends the concept of metal framing to create a virtually unlimited variety of support and structural elements guaranteed to provide a solution to your structural support requirements. The Unistrut range of applications is only limited by your imagination.

Where a situation requires a more robust support system, we are well versed in managing heavier systems.  Our capabilities range up into structural steel.

Objective based engineering and interpreting an Architect’s ultimate vision is where we shine.  If you can think it – we can build it.  Unistrut Construction’s design team can accommodate a variety of applications with custom designed supports. Our years of experience allow us to draw from a number of previous applications to develop the most efficient, cost-effective solution for our customers. It’s the kind of support that can turn your toughest support problem into a job well done.


Commercial Construction Application

Commercial Construction
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