Unistrut Construction has been a specialty contractor in the Data Center construction market since its inception.  We have led both adoption and innovation in our Building Information Modeling (BIM) approach and integration.  Our years of experience allow us to draw from a number of previous projects to design the most efficient mission-critical, cost-effective solution for projects large or small.  We apply our expertise in mechanical support systems by fabricating modules offsite to ensure we meet the highest standards for the tightest deadlines, as well as support full integrated project delivery (IPD) methods.

We work on some of the most notable sites for many Fortune 50 technology companies, traveling across the country with our partners building both enterprise and co-location facilities. See how one of our designed data centers was featured in the Wall Street Journal. Our integrated approach to design, fabricate and install allows us to offer the highest quality at the lowest cost.  Most of our customers are repeat customers or referrals due to our focus on safety, quality, delivery and cost.  Choose nothing less than the best, contact Unistrut Construction today or locate an office near you!

For more reason to choose Unistrut Construction, see how we were recognized for meeting the tough demands of a Microsoft project while generating cost savings in material and shipping.

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Data Center Construction Application

Data Center Construction Application
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  • Design and install a common structural grid based on Unistrut from which mechanical air handling systems and various line voltage, low voltage cable management, and UPS power supply and data handling systems are supported
  • Design and install an HAC (Hot Aisle Containment) system integrated into the grid accommodating a wide range of server racks and server layouts in the data hall
  • Meet stringent schedule requirements and cost limitations through the use of pre-fabricated elements
  • Utilize BIM (Building Information Model) technology to manage clash detection of bespoke MEP (Mechanical Electrical Plumbing) systems in a virtual environment


  • Unistrut Construction provides integrated value through the design-build process applying in-house capabilities to engineering design in the BIM environment with prime MEP subcontractors flexing common grid support requirements to accommodate changing needs
  • Pre-fabrication of grid elements (sectional lengths rolled to length with loaded hardware) minimized field labor
  • On-site field expertise and the ability to mobilize large crews (up to 30 men) quickly, supervised by Unistrut trained long-tenured union carpenters to meet stringent schedule demands