Unistrut Construction has worked extensively with medical equipment manufacturers, general contractors, architects, and hospital facility managers to develop support systems that meet today’s demanding requirements.  From basic radiology equipment to large integrated boom systems, Unistrut Construction can design and install the support system to meet your needs.

Unistrut Construction provides design and engineering services often coordinated in a Building Information Modeling (BIM) environment, evaluating the project requirements and developing a custom solution.  Drawings are always stamped and sealed as required.

Unistrut Construction’s goal on every project is to complete the job on time and on budget with unsurpassed workmanship.  Our pre-fabrication services save time and money by providing ready-to-install parts directly to the job site.

Typical Unistrut Construction medical support applications include but are not limited to:

  • Boom Supports
  • Monitor Supports
  • X-Ray/Patient Lifts
  • Radiology/Cath Lab Supports
  • Exam/Surgical Light Supports
  • Physical Therapy Supports
  • Microscope supports

Whether you’re planning a new facility or renovating, the Unistrut Construction team can meet your requirements providing the highest quality product at a lower total installed price.

The market is demanding a better solution for supporting medical equipment. The current method requires a large number of components and fabrication performed in the field that demands a tremendous amount of coordination and expense.  The Unistrut Construction Modular Support system has been designed to alleviate these issues, view this new versatile solution here




Healthcare Construction Application

Healthcare Construction Application
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Task: A major urban hospital in the northeast was undergoing a $319 million renovation. This included both operating and exam rooms that required overhead supports. This project proved particularly challenging since, the final medical equipment was undetermined, requiring that the supports be designed and installed to house various types of equipment. This was further complicated by the fact that several different brands were being considered, and each one had a different set of requirements. Additionally, obstructions and existing site conditions made the work space a challenge. A tight turnaround time required fast, accurate decision-making and implementation.

Solution: An initial site review by our engineering and project management staff revealed that additional engineering would be required by our in-house team of experts. After extensive review and discussion, the crew was able to determine the optimum design load criteria to accommodate several different manufacturers for several different types of equipment. Our wide-ranging experience with the various products and manufacturers being considered for the installation was a major asset in completing the design.

Once on-site, the installation team was able to navigate the existing ductwork, piping, lights/diffusers through trapeze, span, and bridge methods. This would not have been possible without the adjustability and flexibility that are an integral part of the Unistrut product. Additionally, the elevation of each support needed to be coordinated with other contractors on the job site in order to ensure that their products could be installed as efficiently as possible. The final result was a team effort that led to a successful renovation of a facility that is vital to the urban community it serves.