Unistrut Construction is a prominent specialty contractor in the High Tech market focusing on quality, delivery, and cost.  We have the flexibility to support multiple scope management on multiple sites.  The most challenging complex projects in the semiconductor manufacturing market have become some or our greatest successes.

We provide sub-fabrication, Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing (MEP), rack fabrication installations and clean room renovation and new build. And as a partner to some of the most notable engineering partners, we also work on tool coordination and installation for both small and large scale projects.

Our branch in Silicon Valley focuses on renovations and fabrication opportunities.  We collaborate with the world’s number 1 chip maker and several other chip manufacturing facilities across North America.  Unistrut Construction has the expertise, trusted service, and quality workmanship to perform a top-notch installation to support your needs.

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High-Tech Applications

High-Tech Applications
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Task: One of the world’s largest chip makers were developing new chips and needed to upgrade and add new fabrication facilities to increase their production.  This company continuously works toward building a better, more efficient transistor at a lower cost.

Solution:  Unistrut Construction developed the most cost efficient way to deliver the highest quality racking system at a lower cost, by applying our years of experience to draw from a number of previous projects to design the most efficient solution to the fabrication facilities.