Roof walks, catwalks, and access points systems are designed and installed by Unistrut Construction offering a cost-efficient solution.  Simplicity in design is often required for even the most complex access structures.  Whether supporting a single access point on a piece of machinery or constructing a full roof walk path to service multiple pieces of equipment, you will receive the highest quality solution presented at the lowest total cost.  These systems need to be engineered as complete systems considering both design and constructability with usefulness.  As we are the designer, fabricator, and ultimate installer, we approach every situation with a full project management view.

Utilizing Unistrut United Interlock Grating, these systems are durable, lightweight, economical and versatile. When designed in combination with our Unistrut metal framing systems as the support structure material, Unistrut Construction systems can be installed quickly and efficiently because the need for welding is virtually eliminated. Whether mounting a solution on pier’s or penetrating a roof deck and tying directly to the building structure, we have the right approach and provide the right solution.

As with all of Unistrut Construction’s turnkey projects, our access structures are designed specifically to meet customer requirements and can be planned to accommodate around existing obstructions or site conditions. If desired, additional services such as structural calculations or engineering seals can also be provided.


Roof Walkways, Catwalks, Access Points Applications

Roof Walkways, Catwalks, Access Points Applications
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Task: A pharmaceutical manufacturing plant is undergoing mechanical and HVAC upgrades. The project will require frequent access to the roof by several contractors working on different aspects of the job. The two chief concerns are the safety of the workers and potential for roof damage due to the inordinate amount of traffic the task will require.

Solution: Our team went to the job site to view the plans for the facility upgrades. It was determined that an engineered rooftop walkway would achieve the goal of keeping the workers safe without damaging the roof. This would be a permanent solution that could be utilized for ongoing routine maintenance such as replacing filters, belts, and other standard items.

The roof walk was constructed with Unistrut Interlock Grating Planks. The engineered materials allow a quick and easy installation for our crew. Handrails in compliance with OHSA standards were also added. This made for a simple yet effective solution. Roofs can be easily damaged by foot traffic, and worker safety is paramount in every situation.