8 May 2014

Unistrut Construction was rated as one of the highest ranking contractors by Murray Company on a recently completed project.

Murray had reviewed all contractors involved on the Bothwell Regional Health Center project for safety, quality, schedule, production and budget performance.

Keith Davis, Sales lead for Unistrut Construction received a letter from John O’Hara, Principal Developer of Murray Company that stated, “We appreciate the efforts you and your company put forth on this project. We would be happy to recommend you on future projects and we look forward to working with you again.”

Davis shared, “Murray has been a long standing Unistrut customer for many years. It’s important to continue to solidify our relationship with Murray and all customers – by making it easy to do business with us.”

Steve Elsdon, President-Unistrut Construction added, “As in this example, our focus on Safety, Quality, Delivery and Cost performance delivers the highest value to the customer. We thank Murray for recognizing us, and look forward to our continued working relationship.”