20 Oct 2015

microsoft-logoThe Unistrut Construction team is on site at a large Microsoft facility that is being built from the ground up in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The Microsoft Cheyenne project represents a contract over $3 million and employs 20 Unistrut team members to safely install Unistrut overhead grid and ATS racks.

In order to meet the demands of the project while generating cost savings in material and shipping, Unistrut made the decision to have 46,000 feet of Unistrut material shipped to the Microsoft job site in bulk. With such a large amount of material, Unistrut team members Casey Cox and Andy Church were tasked with figuring out how to cut lengths to size as quickly and as safely as possible.

The team was provided with an outdoor area to stage material. They built a shelter area with a raised floor and jigs to cut material needed, ensuring that cuts would be straight and consistent and produced in a safe manner. They specified eye protection and face shields to protect eyes and faces from the potential risk of metal shavings.

With the forethought and ingenuity shown by Casey and Andy, the material was readily available three times faster than it would have been otherwise, ensuring that quality product was delivered to the customer in a safe and timely manner.

In recognition of this effort, the onsite Unistrut team was nominated and won the Hensel Phelps site-wide Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) Award! In addition, the team’s cut area design and implementation has been entered to win the Hensel Phelps regional CIP award.