6 Nov 2013

A company in Northern Ontario, Canada was looking for a way to protect workers from accessing the edge of its’ buildings while performing routine maintenance duties.  One of the key challenges was to build a system that could handle the massive amounts of snowfall that the area receives on an annual basis.

In a traditional system, the heavy snow would cover-up the tie off points, increasing the danger for the workers exponentially. After conducting an extensive on-site review, the Unistrut® Fall Protection engineering team determined that a Non-Penetrating Guardrail System was the optimal solution. During extreme weather conditions the workers only access dedicated areas of the rooftop containing vital equipment. This system provides the team with the required protection that is easy to use in the areas they need it most. The system was installed on a total of 16 buildings consisting of over 1000 FT of guardrail and 6000 FT of Warning line systems.

“This project was a big win for our engineering team,”said Kevin Duda North American Fall Protection Product Manager for Unistrut.

“We were able to secure a large project, solve a problem for the customer and most importantly do everything in our control to ensure that the staff arrives home safe every night,”he added.

Unistrut Fall Protection Systems has been an industry leader in the installation of engineered Fall Protection Systems for over 20 years. We have built our reputation through our Unistrut Construction Division, whose name has been synonymous with quality installations in the metal framing industry for the past 60 years. Unistrut Fall Protection provides engineered fall protection systems to protect workers and keep your company compliant with the required safety standards. Our capabilities include: rooftop, overhead and vertical fall protection systems. We are also qualified in a large number of specialty applications such as: dams, stadiums, bus, railcar and more.